Season 30 will ends in 4 hours

in #spt8 months ago
Feels like forever I never unlocked gold 2

Hi Everyone

It's been over 6 months I never logged in to this account, just because I didn't play this account myself except for this season. The player I give the access to play it, seems so busy with other things🤫 so I spare my time to play every 2 days just for fun.
The first rewards I claimed was yesterday's dq which I didn't complete, nice baby

I thought it was the last dq of the season, but when I play to rank up a lil bit, the stubborn mercenaries quest shows up again😂 so, I just play to complete it. With all level 1 bots around, it doesn't take hours to claims another chest.
Shoot😁 I will have a Max zalran soon in my main account

I think I am so lucky today, right in few hours before the season 30 going to ends. I think I'll purchase few untamed packs with all Dec I'm keeping all this time. Or going to purchase a starter pack for my other alts which functioning as a den to keep the spare and reward monsters I got.
I think I need to break the record that faiyaz made in this account

Almost 8 months ago, when this account only has lvl 2 commons and rates monsters, on the right hand it could reached diamond 3, better than my main account😂. But with so many lvl 1 bots ...I think it's possible to break the record soon. Still.. I don't play so often with this deck, though. I just let anyone who wants to practice and earn some cards play it.

Well.. I guess everyone has better deck on their own now, that's why nobody really wants to play my deck. Beside, it's not a habit of this account to claims good reward cards too. I think it's just my luck.

I guess I will get more common and rates monsters from the season rewards😂 because I already claimed the leg.

have fun on opening your season rewards, next season will be more interesting with the new system🍀 good luck!


I wonder where you got so many things in your mind to post from few alts about the game ☕ you're totally a steemmonsters's addict🍀

Hehe.. you knew me so well