Why I keep Playing Splinterlands?

in #spt6 months ago

Even after opening dozens of this kind essence orbs?

Well, I dunno the exact reasons either 😅 I just play for fun as long as I don't have to pay more than I could earned from the game. I got one orb from the season rewards. Didn't play much last season too.

The Battles around bronze and silver are getting tough and tougher recently, so I decided to play safe only to complete the daily quests.

The best daily quest reward I ever got, so far

With my level 3 and 2 summoners and monsters (beta and rewards), I don't expect anything from it. I get used to use potions to get Potions kinda thought since the new loots system applied.

When bots are everywhere and most bots have better cards too, feels uncomfortable when they won against you with their >5% ECR. It's not fun when you only get 0.5 DEC with your 100% ECR 😅 but ...I keep playing.

At least to see this kinda season rewards from delegated decks I play

By playing the game, I can have a simple ideas to create a post on steemit😊 about the game, the rewards I got and I don't have any interest on statistics because I'm not a big spender on this too.

New cards and new rulesets somehow managed to make me login in and login out with many delegated decks. When I find no fun, I just take a break for few days or weeks with hope. Yeah..I hope that the cards I keep somewhere are playable forever.

The fact that I don't have to play it everyday and I don't lose any of the cards except the value which never change, I'm good with it. I just wish that no matter what happens to steemit in the future, this game will last forever.

I know some players are depending on this game to accommodate their living costs, make it as their only income. As a player who play for fun, I demand nothing. Too many cards or less valuable rewards are simply okay rather than playing for nothing but draining the internet quota😁😅

Play for fun is a perfect thing to keep me around.