Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 24 Report

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Battle for Gold II -Day 24.jpg

Battle for Gold II

I started my battle day in Gold III league and completed my daily quest battle still remaining at the Gold III league so I felt it was time to do battles and enter the next levels of things. I had a 5 battle winning streak before hitting the Gold II league and that guarantees me 26 cards at the end of this season if that is the highest I reach but not me, I intend to push further hopefully.

Day 24 Daily quest battles.jpg

Daily Quest battles

I got the Water Splinter as my daily quest battle today but my water summoner is currently very deficient so I had to change it. I then got the Life Splinter which I felt was better.

Day 24 Daily Quest Battle - won 7 of 13.jpg

Won 7 of the 13 battles for Gold

I think a lot of members are battling to get to the next level so the guys I kept bumping into during battle were all tough, I won most of the battles just by a whisker and also lost most of the battles I lost also just by a whisker. I tell you guys, this game can be tension filled sometimes. Lol. I had to do 13 battles of which I won 7 battle to complete my daily quest and I can’t tell you how relieved I was at the end.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 24.jpg

Rewards day 24

Today wasn’t like yesterday at all, I got just 1 rare cards and the rest were common cards which are great for leveling up my deck, so nothing is a waste there even though I would have preferred more Gold or Legendary cards.

Battle of the day 24.jpg

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I haven’t quite gotten to Gold II yet. I’m stuck bouncing around again.




I can understand the bouncing a lot. It happens to me a lot and can be frustrating sometimes.

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