Splinterlands card giveaway

in #sptlast year

Hello everyone I'm back again doing another giveaway if you would like to get involved just follow the simple rules below and the winner will be picked out this time next week InShot_20191130_201142792.jpg

  1. Upvote this post

2 comment which card you want if you win

3 . tag someone who might be interested in this giveaway

To take part please remember to follow all the rules and good luck everyone if you are wondering how I will pick out the winner I will put all entries name's into a hat shake it about and pick one name out and that will be the winner for a extra chance just follow all the rules and resteem this post to get two name's instead of one name added to the hat all entries will get a upvote on there comment

Thanks for reading and viewing this post everyone and a big thanks in advance to everyone who takes part in this giveaway and a big thanks to everyone who took part last week please remember to follow all rules to have a chance of winning thanks for reading and viewing this post


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Exploding Dwarf

Thanks for entering good luck 👍🏾

Wood nymph
Check this out.

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