End of season rewards 22 cards

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Hello everyone here's my end of season rewardsInShot_20191031_114431257.jpg

I got a nice selection of cards it could have been better but I'm still happy with the cards I got I need to try and get higher in the league this season it's definitely getting harder as more people are playing now InShot_20191031_114814594.jpg

And here is the final three cards if you play the game what league did you make it to InShot_20191031_115157924.jpg

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That looks about the same as my season rewards with a couple of GF cards thrown in. I continue to get better draws with the daily quest rewards.

Is it. Yeah it seems the more you play the better the cards you get when I was playing the game a lot I was getting much better cards thanks for stopping by 👍🏾

I play pretty much once a day in the morning to complete my dailies and then I don't play again until the next day. I don't play at all on the weekends, but that will probably change if they ever get the mobile app up and running.

I use to play once a day just trying to get back into it again I definitely agree the mobile app would be great thanks again for stopping by I appreciate it 👍🏾

Verry good friends

I made it to Gold II with level 3 summoners. My rewards weren't anything exciting. Was hoping for a legendary but alad none.

Good work you dun well to make it that high.
Same here .
Maybe next time you will get a better selection 🤞🏾 .

Thanks for stopping by 👍🏾