Nice Rewards Cards and don't waste your ECR

in #sptlast year

Lucky me, 3 new rare monsters from season rewards

Hello Rumblers 🤸 🤸

I missed out the opportunity to complete my last quest for the Season and find out that it's already ends.

So, I am happily opening the season rewards, I ended up on gold 2 again😁 no improvement since last month. But I like what I got this time. No legs as usual, at least one gold sea monster and 2 new cards, the rare one .. not the chicken though 😂

I got the ladies 😆

What about your rewards?

Anyway... If you want to try to complete your today's dq, I suggest you not completely done it in the next few hours.. no matter how full your ECR is😁


look what I got with 100% ECR and silver alpha deck😂

The reward pool is not worth it 😝, you need to wait for couple more hours, when many players who drained their ECR to rank up few minutes ago went to sleep and recharges the ECR, so you will get quite nice amount of DEC per battle. Keep it for couple more hours.

I don't mind missing another rewards from dq today, at least I will get nice DEC later. So.. enjoy your battle and the new cards everyone 🤗