No surprise but it's okay😁

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As always what to expect from season rewards 😉

Hi Everyone 🤹

Late post because I'm busy wandering around just to battling and rumbling on other decks🤣 the best one always the priority.

474 total DEC, 9 leg Potions, 5 alchemy Potions, 12 common cards, 1 rare and 1 epic from 40 chests

Because I will never run out of Potions, I will use it for daily purposes from now on. What's the use of staking the Potions when you can always get one from the daily rewards too?
Rewards of the second daily quest

I'm getting used to this rewards already, so there's no way I will get upset for these kinda chests contains. I'm waiting for a guild to join next season too.

I saw many players get Wonderful rewards from season loots, I don't envy it. It's nice to see more players enjoying the game. Just share and laugh!