The Shaking Card always brings Laugh 🤣

in #sptlast year

Hi Rumblers 🤸

I really hope that you find some wonderful cards from your season rewards. I never put many hope on my season rewards on this deck, because no matter what it will be...

I'm fine with it😉

I skipped the last dq because I'm too tired of playing many decks which also part of the guild. Being on Gold 2 is enough for me, though I know this deck supposed to be on diamond level😅, but long as I have fun, I don't need to be on the highest rank too.

Few minutes ago, I claimed the rewards, 26 cards without anything to wait for. Here it is..

10 of 26

Something that I get used to find on my dqs😆

the last 6 of 26

Heeyy... Where's the second 10 parts?
Lol.. this is the most interesting part where I shakes my head like the card did while guessing, what kind of legendary it will be 😁 Black Dragon? unicorn? Lord Arianthus or one of My favorite that I desperately need on this deck, The Lord of the Seas.

Okay... Here is the evidence

Shaking not Shocking ROTS🤸🤸🤸

Yaaayyy... Just what I need. The one who plays my deck was pulling a ROTS too from her last dq few hours ago. So, this her second ROTS of the day and the first ROTS for this deck. Hufftt.. it's worth it 😝

19 Commons worth for 285 DEC
5 Rares worth for 300 DEC
1 Epic worth for 300 DEC
And 1 Legend which worth for the whole season rewards I ever got on this deck🤣😂 total of 2.385 DEC but that legendary alone is worth for $3.89 ... Laugh then...Laugh a little.

Happy to share some laugh with you and I wish that you could enjoy the shaking cards too on your season rewards.

See you on the battlefield and Have a nice weekend 💪👍👐


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