Splinterlands - GELATINOUS CUBE (Weekly Battle Post)

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When new rewards came out with Gelantinous Cube (The Cube) and after using it for a couple of times I immediately felt it was one of the best common cards. Here is a post I made on The Cube in early February 2020 link here The card is under value but it is a good thing as that would mean more of it is available for players to own. The following is a match I had use The Cube to win!

The Battle

I like high mana matches as it does not limit my selection of monsters, but having restrictions such as "keep your distance" where no melee monsters can be used is a drawback. Anyways strategically I went with magic attacking monsters as my go to since melee was not allowed. I avoided range attack since there was also armor up.

My Formation

I mostly had reward cards in my formation where only Water Elemental was a beta. This to mean means how invaluable reward cards really are. I led off with The Cube as my tank and although I have yet to level mine up to where it has self heal, I felt having Scavenger was sufficient. Up next was Prismatic Energy to not only start of my magic attack but also defend magic from my opponent. The staples of water splinter magic cards Ruler of the Sea, Spirit Miner, and Sea Genie. Just those three when combined with Alric Summoner I had "9" magic stat for attack total. I round out my formation with Water Elemental that was really to protect my rare as it has self heal.

My Opponent's Formation

Either my opponent was a noob or was using a bot to setup their formation. The Peaceful Giant was their lead off tank. Then an array of monsters that when placed seemed out of place. Prismatic Energy should off been next in line rather than Sea Genie. Then mixing in Centaur, range attacker, with Magi Sphinx. Round out the formation with Medusa. Overall my opponent also had the intention of using magic attack, but due to monsters' positioning they left themselves somewhat vulnerable.

The Battle Results

The match was almost total annihilation of my opponent. Heavy attack going between our formations but in the end my Cube was the only monster KO'ed while my opponent had none left. Clearly proves that placement of monsters is crucial in a match. If you would like to watch the match play out here is a link..

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After this week of Cube battles, I'm also seeing it as very undervalued. However, I think most reward cards are like this, especially at first. It takes a while to start to level them and see what they can do.
Lineup is so important! Great battle!

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