Splinterlands - Max 4 Mana (Weekly Shared Battle Contest Entry!)

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The weekly shared battle post entry for @splinterlands for weekly post link here. I was excited to make this post once it came out, however it took longer for me to make it. Mainly because I could not get a battle with this particular rule set- "Little League" which is players can only use a max of 4 mana monsters to battle.

And finally after a few more battles....

Battle Results

Battle Commentary

My team consists of:

The Cerberus was used as my tank monster and the remainder monsters were to supplement on a high attack approach. The drawbacks I had were the monsters were somewhat low on health and no thoughness. From experience a Goblin Mech would have destroyed this formation, but this match is limited to max 4 mana monsters :)

My opponent's team consists of:

My opponent took the magic attack route but with lower level monsters and weak health and thoughness stats leave the formation more venerable than mine. On top of that I had monsters with sneak and snip abilities while my opponent used only sneak.

Battle Results

I came out victories this time. All my monsters except for Furious Chicken could make one hit one kill against any of the magic monsters. Glad I walked away with the win. Until next time play on with Splinterlands!







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