Get Your Beta Packs Before They’re Gone! 🐲🐉🦖

in spt •  9 months ago  (edited)


I just read @aggoed post that there are only 16k Beta packs left & my sense of FOMO set in. I had to get my hands on a few more, before they're gone!

I am just a casual @steemmonsters fan, but there is no denying the badassary of this game! Actually, it's more than a game- it's a investment!

I bought 100 packs & got 10 free! I got some bomb ass cards! Below is my favorite!


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And they did sell out. Amazing how fast this went!
Booster packs on Steem-Engine did increase 48% in value since this morning! Glad that I was able to pruchase some below 15 steem. Too bad I did open them all :)