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RE: Expected Value of Steem Monsters Daily Quests [15]

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This was a amazing run down. thanks so much for doing all of this. I'm learning more and more about the great game everyday thanks to these types of posts.

I think I nearly jumped out of my chair when I pulled my first (and only) legendary card. I hope I can grab a few more before the packs are gone.


Good luck with your packs! Don't forget you can sometimes get them from Steem Engine for much cheaper than buying them from the site! :)
Always worth having a look before you buy from the website
However, buying from Steem Engine does not contribute to your "Maverick Status" on Discord if that's something you're interested in.

I've never heard of "Maverick Status" right now I am in the mist of fixing my discord. something odd happened and I can not claim my account, waiting on discord to fix it on their end.

I will try to buy packs a few on Steem engine though. I can hold some of them then as a token right? maybe wait and sell later on when/if beta packs go up in price.

Maverick Status basically just means you get access to speak on a special discord channel, otherwise you can only view it. They've also done an SPT airdrop for Mavericks, but that's about the only benefits you get (at least so far). You get it by purchasing 500 packs.

Yes you can hold the as a token, so you can list them and sell them later as you wish! :) You have to send them to @steemmonsters to redeem them into packs.

Cool - thanks for the help understanding all this.

I think I will start buying/ stocking a few packs on steem engine (depending on the price). Open a few for myself and save the rest for the future.