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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine here is another post about the Splinterlands game in which i will be sharing the quest rewards of today and this is the first claiming rewards in this season its been 2 days completed but just completed the quest rewards that i will share along with a water epic monster CORAL WRAITH.


Also known as Warlocks of the Ocean, Coral Wraiths are the dark and frightening sorcerers of the deep. Stories say that they were once air breathers who grew tired of life on land. Through a magical alliance with the Mer Dark, they gave up their lives above the water forever.SL

CORAL WRAITH is one of my favorite card in water splinter that i am using mostly when there is a ruleset of monster lose all abilities now you guys will be thinking that why you are using this monster in losing abilities ruleset because in that ruleset the abilities will not work but you can still use your monster with your choice either melee, range or magic attack. So better to use the magic attack in monster lose all abilities because magic attack can hit your enemy monster from any position while other monsters can not work in that ruleset for example the reach ability which needs to be attack from the 2nd position but in that ruleset you can not use the reach ability monster that will waste your mana so better to go for the magic attack and i am using this monster in that ruleset where it gain one extra magic attack from summoner so it can easily kill the enemy monsters.



Here you can see that the abilities of this monster are two the one is sneak and the other one is rust the sneak ability you can get from scratch level 1 but there is one problem while using this monster because the life of this monster is very less so if your enemy used the opportunity monster then it will target this monster first and will waste your 4 mana without a single attack by this card because the speed is also very low so better to use it in the ruleset where monster lose all abilities. However, the rust ability is also good that you can get at level 4 and at max level you can increase the magic attack of this monster.



Well, yesterday was a busy day for me same as today so did not complete the quest and today i play some battles to complete the quest with snipe ability and share the quest rewards but as you know that when the new season starts you can not beat the leaderboard players because of their strong lineup and upgraded cards that is the reason that i did not reach to next league even i moved down to lower league and my rating goes from 1900 to 1800 lol but i just recovered it and claimed the rewards with gold 3 league that you can see in the snap in which i got 3 common cards and a single chest for dec tokens along with 2 chest for potions..