02202020 - poor bots

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The famous bot around silver league

I observed some poor things around splinterlands just to see what's going on and also learn more about the battle rulesets or opponent's strategy. Well, I have another poor deck to play and it's not an easy day to go through with this golden dragon and water team around🙊

See the ECR? Even on that low it still get some, why? It's gold foil and winning streak

Sometimes, I wish that no dragon's allowed to be around bronze and silver league 😂 because it's already hard without the dragon with a starter pack deck plus few reward monsters. The untamed troops are killing the poor decks which gain 0.09 -5 DEC/battle.

buy packs and level up... Don't be whiney 🙈

How to buy monsters and pack with 100 DEC? Well... Be patient, keep playing said @cicisaja 😁 because the bots are legal and it's allowed to defeat the low level human players, Nothing to worry about. Beside, you can beat the bots on particular rulesets with perfect splinter too.

My daily rewards, Win 5 battles with Delwyn ...I mean Dragon 😁

Not bad, though 😉 2 rare cards, 2 common and no potions this time 🍀 and another quest with water still can't take me to Gold 2 😁 but it's okay... I need a chicken and golden Medusa with her stun ability. I already have the ROS and mischievous mermaid..so it doesn't really matters.

Hahahaha...at least one cards and Potions

A friend told me about the bots owner too, they didn't make it very much ... because the dragon quest is not exists on bronze and silver league. Only few of those bird's decks could made it rank up to gold league. I think they should stop the bots playing when the ECR touch 30% and let it run again after few hours recharging.

I think we still needs the bots around the battlefield ✌️ they need to earn something too, when no human player interested to play it... Run that script and wish you'd be wealthy and live off the game too. I'm sincerely wish the bots owners🙏

Struggling against bots with big decks meant nothing if you think about what they've spent to make it at that level.

Gotta go to play the novice decks and have fun with the bots now...

till next time 🍀