Share your battle challenge - ELECTRIC EELS

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Welcome to another share your battle by @splinterlands! This week's theme is the Electric Eels, one of my favorite cards on the water splinter.

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This card is one of those that peak after level 5. Until then it is quite useless, the blast ability makes all the difference in the battles. Besides the ability to deal damage to the two front-liners the eels can also take some hits with decent hp stats.
The beauty of this card really shines when you play it with Daria Dragonscale (+1 melee summoner) and Pirate Captain with the inspiring ability. Suddenly you boost its attack stat to 4 and start shredding the opponent's team from the front to back.

The battle

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Rules: Spreading Fury and Lost Legendaries
Mana Cap: 23
Battle link

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring Daria into this battle due to the mana cap. Alric Stormbringer +1 to magic attackers went completely to waste but no worries, this team is very overpowered.

Battle Orca is one of the most cost-efficient cards in the game, for only 3 mana you get a tank with 7 HP 2 Attack, 4 speed, add to that the crustacean king protect and tank heal abilities and his sustainability goes off the chart.

Electric Eels took advantage of the blast's ability to take down that Elven Cuttroath before she could even attack. Lots of players assume that the second position is a safe place to park low-hp monsters when they have a strong tank, that's where the Eels come in and wipe them out.

My two sneaky monsters took his backline by storm. Delivery two one-hit K.O. to the backline rendering them useless before they could make a move. That's why I love bringing in my sneaky attackers on low mana cap battles.

I took the Pirate Captain to inspire the melee attackers but it was quite useless since their attack stat was high enough as it was to bring them down with one blow. My opponent has some high-level cards but somehow decided to bring two LVL 1 cards to the game and that gave me a huge advantage.

Crustacean king is there to keep the team alive and make sure my tank held the front line long enough for the assassins to finish their mission.

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My Eels ended the battle by delivering a blow that knocked out his two remaining monsters. It was a fair battle, he did manage to stun my Orca on his first attack but on the other hand, I never missed an attack on his flying front line.

Can't wait for the SPS airdrop! Splinterlands keeps getting better and better every day. Very fortunate to be an early investor! I would never be able to build such a strong collection with today's prices.

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