Monster Maverick Show Episode 4

in #spt8 months ago

This week 3speak is up, but doesn't like mkv files. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Saturday night means it's Monster Maverick time on MSPwaves. This week we talked about the new loot box rewards system that should lower the need for design time from the development team.

We also discussed the 10 new rewards cards and which ones I think are going to be a hit along with some speculation on the #DEC market with the coming crypto boom.

If you haven't checked out #splinterlands yet, go on over to and make a free account to start joining in the fun.


Neal - might be worth using Handbrake to convert to mp4.

Yeah, I thought about searching for a converter. But then it's just one more step I have to go through.

Handbrake is free, and I have always just used the pre-set config. Just load up the mkv and leave it to run for a few minutes. Reduces the file size as well with no appreciable quality loss...

What a great show! I am watching the video right now and it is awesome as always! An upvote is on the way from Steem Monsters!