Staking SPT and struggling to keep up with the innovation on Steem

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Today, I finally got around to staking some SPT tokens on both my @nextgen622 and @awaken7 accounts after learning about the new Splinterlands site from @travelgirl. So now, you can earn SPT on Splinterlands (Steem Monsters) related posts on with the spt tag, in addition to earning SPT on the Splinterlands forum.


The Splinterlands team, @aggroed and @yabapmatt have not stopped exceeding my expectations ever since I decided to invest into Steem Monsters last year. First with the introduction of automated tournaments, then tokenizing packs, and now DEC, the team has been continuously innovating and providing value back to investors. And so I won't be surprised to see new innovations with and use cases for SPT.

With all the new tokens and projects on Steem, keeping up to date with everything is becoming like a full-time job, but the difference is that I'm enjoying every minute of it. Now, back to playing some more Steem Monsters, I mean... Splinterlands.

In case you haven’t yet checked out Steem Monsters, it’s not too late to get started and join in the fun. You can go here to get started.

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Do you earn tokens back or get any payouts for playing? $10 seems like a high barrier to entry given I’ll likely need to buy more than the basic cards.

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Yes, you can earn DEC tokens for winning ranked battles, but not much at lower levels. You can also win prize money in the numerous tournaments each day, and also win reward cards for completing daily quests.

Cool! Do you lose DEC tokens for losing battles?

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@travelsmemoire - There are a variety of leagues - from beginners to advanced. As you progress to higher leagues, you increase your ability to earn more cards (but as you stated, the higher the league the more advanced cards you will need).

There are at least 4 ways to earn:

  1. Daily Quests - If you complete the daily quest you earn cards. A daily quest is earned by winning 5 games with the designated splinter.
  2. Season Rewards - At the end of the season, you can earn additional cards based on the highest league level you achieved. Right now, even if I don't play anymore, I will receive 50 cards at the end of the season. That is the reward for the diamond league.
  3. DEC - This is a Splinterland Token can be used to purchase cards as well. With the current price of DEC, I can earn about 5 to10 cents per win. Not a lot, but it is something.
  4. Tournaments - There are tournaments that you can join. Each tournament states the highest level of cards that can be played. This helps new players be competitive if they play in beginner tournaments.

Cool! Thanks for the write up 😊

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