My Equalizer Battle... Challenge entry

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Hello i want to share with you one of my favorite rulesets in the game and some tips that works for me in this kind of matches...

Hola, quisiera compartir con ustedes uno de mis "Rulesets" favoritos en el juego y algunos consejos que funcionan para mi en esta clase de encuentros...

Its time to "Equalize"!!!

What does Equalizer mean?

Every monster will get the same health that the biggest one in the battlefield.

Equalizer significa que cada monstruo tendra el valor de vida del monstruo con el mayor valor en el campo de batalla

Equalizer is a ruleset where most player are EQUALIZED. The trick with this ruleset is maximize the mana consumption with low health monsters but other pretty good offensive stats.

Equalizer es un "Ruleset" donde la mayoria estamos IGUALADOS. El truco en este "Ruleset" es maximizar el consumo de mana con monstruos de poca vida pero buenos valores ofensivos.



Mana efficience... Never leave any free spot...

Fill your backline with montesrs that could be usseful during the battle. Don't just take a tank and one big monster. You will pay it with a flawless lose.

Two MVP's in this kind of fights are:

Ooze and Chicken

Provides two monsters for pretty less mana. By 0 Mana Chicken could tank for (letting you take mana for other 5 most expensives monsters). While ooze will slow your opponnent monsters.

Uso eficiente del mana, Nunca dejar un espacio vacio. Procura llenar tu "Backline" con monstruos que podrian ser utiles durante la batalla.

Dos monstruos muy valiosos en esta clase de batallas son el "Ooze" y "Furious Chicken" El pollo prodia servirte de tanque sin costo alguno de mana permitiendote invertir tu mana en monstruos un poco mas costosos. Mientras el moco ralentizara a tus enemigos.


Maximize the Damage...

Maximize the damage with magic monsters or >2 attack/ranged monsters to beat shield monters that could be a headache.

The basic set have pretty good option to fill this criteria.

Maximiza el daño con monstruos magicos, con daño de melee o a distancia mayor a 2 para destruir a esos monstruos con escudos que podrian ser un dolor de cabeza.


Be carefull with the position of monsters...

You will need more than 1 tank in this kind of matches. one reach monster in second position could be useful. Be sure to balance and organize your lineup first with Melee/Magic and last with Ranged monsters. If your ranged monsters reach to front. they could be stucked for attack.

Necesitaras mas que un solo tanque en esta clase de encuentros, un monstruo con reach podria ser de mucha utilidad. Asegurate de balancear y organizar tu alineacion primero con monstruos de ataque melee/magia y por ultimo dUntitled.pnge monstruos de daño a distancia. Si tus monstruos con ataque a distancia pasan al frente podrian ser incapaces de atacar.


This is my STARTING VIII for this match!


I like to play this matches with Pyre as summoner and Ooze. Because the speed bonuses could make the difference between who makes the FIRST BLOOD! Other options that works for me are Life Splinter and Drake of Arnak by their Health/Armor bonus.

But this time i will take my best splinter for bronze league. "Brighton Bloom". He provides my monsters the Flying ability. Very useful with "Serpent of Eld" and others quick monsters.

A mi me gusta afrontrar esta clase de encuentros con "Pyre" y con el "Ooze" por los bonuses de velocidad que podrian hacer la diferencia entre quien mata primero a un monstruo rival. Pero esta vez tomare a mi mejor splinter para la liga de bronze "Brighton Bloom". Le provee a mis monstruos la habilidad de volar. Muy util para mi "Serpent of Eld" y otros monstruos "rapidos".

First two places are for my "Serpent of Eld" (Unreachable for most melee/ranged monsters) and my "Wave Runner" (With reach ability an 2 damage he can provides damage to enemy tank).

En primera y segunda posicion estan mi "Serpent of Eld" (Inalcanzable para la mayoria de monstruos cuerpo a cuerpo o a distancia) y mi "Wave Runner" con sus dos puntos de ataque cuerpo a cuerpo y su habilidad de "Reach" para atacar al tanque enemigo.

in third position "Feast Seaweed" as in EQUALIZER all monsters have the same health i think that 3 position was good for it in backline he acts as reach monster (in most cases) and he could tank for me in front.

En tercer lugar tenemos a "Feast of Seaweed". Siendo "Opportunist",el en la mayoria de los casos el actuara como un monstruo con "Reach".

Ice pixie as first non melee monster can avoid or tank some snipe attacks while together with "Coral Wraith" both with magic atacks attacks directly to the enemy health and if necessary will attack at first position.

"Ice Pixie" como primer no monstruo NO melee puede evadir o tanquear algunos ataques de "Snipers" mientras junto a "Coral Wraith" hacen el daño necesario para atacar directamente a la vida de los rivales.

At last in an dangerous position my "Creeping Ooze" to make slow the enemy monsters. a slighly advantage for my serpent and other monsters. I prefer him filling my last spot because my magic monsters are very usseful for DPS.

Por ultimo en una posicion peligrosa tenemos a el moco para ralentizar a los enemigos. Prefiero usarlo en ultima posicion porque mis monstruos magicos son utiles para hacer daño cada ronda.



Click HERE to watch the full battle!

Who will win??? Water vs Dragon, clash of titans!!!

HERE you can join to Splinterlands and enjoy of very excite battles like this!


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Nice fight with the equalizer!

Nice Battle Challenge post.



Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

Yup, every spot matters and the tips were efficient as well. The Creeping ooze played a vital role in the match allowing to reduce the opponent speed and helping your monsters to do the work. Nice battle and the selection of monsters were very much effective as well.


I noticed that you have applied to play my TS account @ts-bowman. Where can I contact you to discuss further?

I'm available on discord as bala41288#4486. If you know me already, please send me a DM. Thanks.