Some SteemMonsters Investments

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The changes to the rewards structure in SteemMonsters was much needed given the supply and demand imbalance.

It's a similar problem with Steemit and Steem in general. Too few new incoming users to support the supply of rewards generated. The cuts to the rewards in SteemMonsters have been pretty drastic from a supply side - you have to admit, rewards have been pretty low after the new loot box implementation. 5 DEC is way lower than any card previously generated.

On the positive side, if new players do come in with the added promotional activities, that should make cards and DEC more valuable. With that in mind, i've decided to buy some legendary cards. Not only do they help with the daily battles, hopefully they appreciate in value too.

Looks like the picture upload in Busy doesn't work anymore. I suppose it helps save them a fair bit by not having to pay so much for storage. Let me see if i can upload the picture from Steemit.



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