SM card and 20 DEC giveaway #1 - Steem Monster battle and daily reward - 18 Jul 2019

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Hello, Splinters

First thing first.

As I promised last week I'll start giving away Steem Monster cards that I don't use but will make someone happy who is in need. Also, the winner will receive 20 DEC (DARK ENERGY CRYSTALS) as an additional bonus.

It's not much, but it's from the heart


The Giveaway

In today's giveaway, you can choose one of these cards

  • Sea Monster
  • Exploding Dwarf
  • Wood Nymph

To participate please leave a comment with the card you want and your username in Steem Monsters if it's different than your steem user.

Winner will be draw tomorow before my next post


The Battles

Today I draw Life Splinter quest. My Tyrus Paladiumis level 3 so i don't get much loses today:. 10 games 3 loses and 7 wins pass the quest faster than usual and enter in Silver 3. Here is the most interesting battle for today DIREKT link


The reward

Nothing interesting today. Maybe next time will have more luck.


Keep playing!

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Great contest!

Thank you. Chose a card for the draw

exploding dwarf

Explodin dwarf