Winners announcements from Sunday Steem Monsters giveaway #2

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Hello ladies and gents

It's time to give some Steemmostaers awards.

And the Winners are ...


Daria Dragonscale - EPIC Dragon Summoner goes to @forever-crypto


Flame Imp - RARE Fire Monster goes to @twigg


200 DEC - Dark Energy Crystals goes to @rentmoney


100 DEC - Dark Energy Crystals goes to @adal111


50 DEC - Dark Energy Crystals goes to @mango-juice



Congratulation to all winners

Thank you very much all that participate in my giveaway. This week I'll pass the giveaway because will go on vacation next Friday in the wild and I don't know do I have internet connection :)


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Many thanks for the Summoner ;)
Was really surprised when I opened SteemMonsters in the morning !!!

You are most welcome 😀👍

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