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This morning I played a nice match against @marabara. I don't know if @marabara likes it as much as I did 😁

When I see I am against @marabara I always expect to lose. Yes silly me. It was a 25 mana Target Practise Match.

I went for my favorite summoner "Plado" and came up with this team:

Exploding dwarf in front of the horde. Followed by Elemental Phoenix. Then my two favorite backstabbers Kobold Miner and Eleven Cutthroat. The cheap and always delaying Creeping Ooze right in front of the back defense in the form of one of the key monsters in the game the Cocatrice!



@marabara went for life and formed this team Tyrus.

Silvershield Paladin in the front with right behind him Eleven Cutthroat and his buddy Feral Spirit. Followed by Angel of Light, Silvershield Bard and closing the line is Lord A.

So what do you think? Normally I go for water on this ruleset. But it was not selectable I thought let's try something new. I was expecting my dwarf would die pretty quick and then the phoenix would be in front leaving only melee behind. So it seems @Marabara had the same idea. No ranged at all. Counterattacking my 2 backstabbers with Lord A.


I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Not to mention that I lost the rest of the battles I played today😂

Have a great Sunday and see you on the other side!

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Great article. You are great at composing stories.
#battle #steemace #spt #palnet #sct #zzan #neoxian #int #stem #steemleo

Thank you @cranium!

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