Tyrus Plaladium giveaway!

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Tyrus Paladium Giveaway!

Shields up! With Tyrus your protected for arrows and swords. Life got interesting with the armorsmith. Gives a nice boost to this splinter.

To make a chance to win Tyrus:

💬 Comment and you will enter the #splinterlands magic wheel.

You can earn extra entries by:

📧 Resteeming this Post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict

Winner Lyanna Natura

Big thank you to:
@aalsi-you-later, @abh12345, @akomoajong, @axeman, @blog-beginner, @bxlphabet, @chireerocks, @cranium, @d-zero, @darkmrmystic, @dboontje, @dexpartacus, @dogcatcowpig, @elemental010, @elpenyar, @fitinfun, @gillianpearce, @gregory-f, @guchtere, @handtalk5, @hetty-rowan, @jjzigen0120, @kushalbang93, @lebastion, @lordwinty, @lozio71, @meditations, @monsterbuster, @pardinus, @poweruprewards, @poyim, @rollie1212, @ronaldoavelino, @sayalijain, @sczed, @stranger27, @thomaseamoran, @tryskele, @tsnaks, @vimukthi, @viniciotricolor, @wonderwop @xawi and @zaku-spt

And the winner is...


Congratulations @lordwinty! Lyanna is coming your way.

Thank you for your time and meet you on the other side!



I'm in, thanks for the opportunity!

Tagging @mango-juice @burlarj @xawi

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I'm in

Nice giveaway

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Thankd for the tagging @simplymike 😍
Im in and I tag @ikrahch

Thank you for tagging me in.. 😍

I'm in

Tagging @cicisaja

thanks for the contest. i'm tagging @lightningjohn

I'm in with @rollie1212

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I'm in with @masoom

greetings, @pacolimited

excelent contest.
I tag @renatahelena

Resteemed. @avel692

Sorry, @ronaldoavelino you’ve reach daily limit of 10 successful TRDO calls!
Please try again tomorrow!

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I need this card to level up my Tyrus! Tagging @scrooger.

I can always use another card 😁

Never won this wheel thing but let's take a chance and tagging @anosys

Im in with @publicumaurora

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I'm in, tagging @teutonium and @myfreebtc

I'm in tagging @mafaldation

tagging @gamercrypto

I want this card. I'm tagging @sayalijain

I'm in tagging @maxgolden

I am tagging @coyotelation

Let's give it a try!

Good luck to everyone! @vempromundo

Nice :)

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Tagging @monsterbuster

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Oooh, I need that Tyrus!
Tagging @kintaro-oe

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Thanks for the last card, you are awesome! This time I will be tagging @sashas. Resteemed.

I'm in, tagging @liberidallavoro

Tagging @penderis

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I am keen for this!
Tagging @kaelci :)

In my friend with @brazilcharity

C'mon Tyrus! I summon @anouk.nox.

I'm in
Tagging @rael5

@pacolimited, I am in.

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Yes please ... I'm in

Tagging @anouk.nox, @karinxxl and @xawi

Awesome! I'm in :)
Tagging @brumest

I'm in and tagging @scrooger.

@fitinfun 🤞

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Why not trying out with @gengua

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In tag @cryptofiloz

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