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RE: Eatmyshorts Gets on a Roll - Unlocks Diamond League With Level 4 Summoners:)

in #sptlast year

lol same many commons for the last week! Something nice will appear sooner or later!

See you in the gold league, since I ranked down, LOL.


Huusshh... huusshhh... don't play around the Gold anymore.. I will create a harsh post about crazy pro player mining DEC on Gold 😂😂😂

I hope that we can get some surprise on the season rewards😁.. but what do you expect? You already collected all golden reward monsters

I am still missing imp bowman, naga fire, pony and the Lord arianthus in gold.. ..😉

Got 3 nagafire already.. but only 1 imp😉 hope that you can get them both this season... me neither for the pony and lord anus. But I still want manti the most