Bring forth the dwarf!!!! Equaliser time!

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A good idea, to make the contest about the rulesets as well! And this one is probably one of my favourites! Mainly because it opens up a lot of new possibilities. One of the main factors in choosing your team, the cards health, stops being a concern; that brings cards that you wouldn't normally consider as sometimes the best alternative for the match, especially the low health ones!

Whenever I see equaliser, the first thing that comes to my mind is: Fire squad!! Because this ruleset transforms an already good and fun card to use, in an absolute beast; if you haven’t guessed yet, it’s my favourite equaliser tank:



Come on… how NOT to use him in equaliser?? A tank with:

  • Blast
  • High Melee attack and speed (6 at max level for both)
  • Piercing
  • retaliate
  • and to top it up... Trample!

And all this, without any buffs from summoner or other cards! His only weakness, the 1 health, is gone with the equaliser ruleset!

I love using this card in other rulesets as well; it’s risky, but it’s often a battle winner too. And since the low HP stops being a problem, I probably use him 99% of the times I have this ruleset and fire splinter as an option; probably the only time I don't use him is in the reverse speed ruleset.

Other cards that benefit a lot with equaliser are the ones with the scavenger and leech ability; these normally start with low HP, and in this ruleset that disadvantage is gone as well. Cards with leech ability especially can get HUGE HP points as the battle goes. And luckily for me, we have those in the fire splinter as well:


Given every monster on the battlefield has the same health, one of the characteristics I value most when choosing team is SPEED: with health even, higher speed is a huge advantage. And again... fire team has a ton of fast monsters and speed buffs!

So here goes my battle:

equaliser + target practice rulesets. By now, you can probably guess what splinter I chose:


  • Exploding dwarf as the obvious tank

  • Healer on the back

  • Imp and Shaman for the speed buffs and debuffs

  • Zafran in the middle with the leech ability

  • Fire elemental, also a high speed card and with blast

Looking at the lineup, I would probably had placed Zafran before the elemental. I disregarded the snipers, hoping the high speed and high damage of my tank would clear the other team's tank fast enough.


Other team's off tank was gone in the end of first round.


And at the end of round 4, finally Lord A went down. And from there...


Trample time! And the battle was over. You can watch the entire battle here!

Speed and leech steal the show on this ruleset for sure! See you on the battlefield!


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Bring forth the dwarf, hah?
That's fantastic.
I never thought of the dwarf while it comes to the equalizer.
Nice lineup.
Keep on playing.

Funny how there are so many different strategies! Thanks for the support, and try the dwarf... you'll see it will probably turn out to be your favourite equaliser card! 😉😁