Reviving one of my old favourite tanks!

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This week's Share your Battle theme suggested one of my favourite tanks, when we only had Alfa and Beta editions: the Serpent of the Flame!


It was probably my favourite fire tank:

  • Starting with high health at 9, and fast speed at 5
  • Retaliate as base skill
  • At merely level 3, 6 speed and poison!

Only 1 melee attack, but with Malric melee bonus, retaliate and poison it could do pretty decent damage, and mainly, the big speed and health greatly increased her survivability; and that's what's needed from a tank, to last as much as possible!

Frankly, nowadays I rarely use it as a tank. Since it has no protection from magic damage or shield ability, the amount of high damage cards nowadays made the Serpent a not-that-good tank. Nevertheless, there are still some ocasions in which I use it:

  • In the last position in some rulesets, if I suspect the opponent is using sneak cards with low health or low speed.

  • In the melee mayhem ruleset; high speed and poison are big helps!

In this battle thow, I used it in her normal position back in the days: Tank mode on!

Rule: Unprotected: monsters don't have any armor

I chose the Serpent as tank because of the challenge and my daily quest, no neutrals. No neutrals and the lack of armor made decide on the strategy:


  • two opportunity monster that could strike easily
  • Serpent as tank, hoping the speed would help a bit
  • Fineas rage as an offtank, good speed and melee and high health
  • the gold dragon as a good support
  • And the Naga Fire Wizard for extra fire power and protection against sneak attacks

When I saw the opponent's lineup, I though the battle would be lost. But I managed to win this one! The Serpent only lasted the first round, thow: since all attacks were magic ones, there was no way to dodge them.


Fortunately, the opportunity strategy worked.The enemy's healer was out on the first round, the sneaker in the second.


Fineas was able to withstand until round three. And when he fell, only two enemy monsters remained, so they were easy kills!


You can see the entire battle here!

See you on the battlefield!


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Good to see the Serpent back in action!



Thank you!

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

That's a fantastic strategy with dragon splinter.

Keep on battling.