Scale Doctor time to shine

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Scale Doctor was the card chose for this week's Share your battle challenge. I can't say I'm a heavy user... but I do believe the card is incredibly useful! And the card itself is pretty cool, love the "mad scientist" art!


Mine is only at level 3, missing that last ability, but the card already has a lot of useful ones at this level. This is an almost perfect support card:

  • High health from level 1
  • Strengthen at level 1, for extra health to all monsters
  • triage at level 2, handy to heal the back or targets from opposite snipers
  • rust, to clear enemy armor
  • at last level, repair!

Downsides for the card:

  • Only 1 attack
  • low speed, although this may come in handy in the reverse speed ruleset.

Where do I usually use it?

I prefer to use it in high mana rulesets and especially, with Selena Sky: using Selena I'll focus more on archers given the attack bonus, and besides boosting the Scale Doctor damage, the rust feature Is especially usefull to take down enemy armor... as it was the case in my chosen fight!



  • Aim true
  • Odd ones out

The odd ones out is a good rulese to use the Earth Splinter, given the amount of archers with odd mana. My lineup:

  • Strong tank with Lord A
  • Second position with heal and decent Hp with the earth elemental
  • The goblin mainly for the debufs
  • Scale Doctor as support
  • Two more archers in the back

The rust ability worked great here, since my opponent was using Life Splinter: open way for the archers to do more damage!

The fast speed and dodge didn't helped my last monster, given the aim true ruleset, and it was killed at the first round. Spirit of the forest got some damage too, but here is scale doctor doing its magic.


The lack of shields made my battle much easier, and the extra damage from the summoner's buff helped a lot! ANd it was actualy the Scale Doctor that delivered one of the killing blows!


You can watch the entire battle here!

To resume: Scale Doctor is probably one of the best supporter cards in the game, even if it's not maxed, as in this case!

See you on the battlefield!


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Your belief is correct on the doctor... scale doctor is incredibly useful.
Nice lineup.
The doctor in your lineup seems like the healer of those green monsters.
Keep on battling.