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In this week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge, we have been tasked to complete a match using the Water Elemental Monster. Water Elemental is an Alpha/Beta edition card that comes with good health, a strong ranged attack, and the healing ability at level 1. In this post, I'll share my battle lineup, my strategy, and my thoughts on Water Elemental as a Splinterlands Monster.

The Lineup

This specific match started used the standard ruleset and allowed 99 Mana to be used. With these considerations in mind, I wanted to design a lineup that took full advantage of the high Mana cap and use as many high-powered monsters as possible.

Goblin Mech.png

Since Mana points were not an issue in this match, I put Goblin Mech in first position. His strong attack, high speed, and "Pierce" ability makes him one of my favorite first position monsters unless I am playing with the Fire or Earth Splinter in which case I will prefer either Living Lava or Unicorn Mustang.

Wave Runner.png

I always like putting a melee monster with "Reach" ability in second position that way they can fight and deal damage from second position while also being able to keep fighting from first position if my main monster gets knocked out. With this in mind, I chose Wave Runner for the second spot.
Captain's Ghost.png

As I moved back into third position, I still wanted a monster that could keep fighting if he reached the front lines, so I chose Captain's Ghost. Although Captain's Ghost has a relatively slow speed, putting him in the middle of the formation negates this weakness and allows him to use his powerful magic attack from a position of safety.

Sand Worm.png

In fourth spot, I chose Sand Worm. Sand Worm has a really strong attack and decent health, but it has a slow speed, so I prefer to hide it in the rear (or middle) of the formation so it can attack without taking a lot of damage. If things get bad and my 4th position monster had to move to first position, at least Sand Worm can use its melee attack to keep fighting.

Prismatic Energy.png

In fifth spot, I chose Prismatic Energy. Although Prismatic Energy doesn't have a very strong attack, it does have high health and magic reflect which I hoped would be useful for absorbing damage and keeping Water Elemental from reaching the front lines.

Water Elemental.png

As a ranged monster, I wanted to make sure Water Elemental was at the end of the formation. This gives it the best chance to deal damage without having to move into first position where its ranged attack becomes worthless.



As the match started, I saw that my opponent fielded a strong team. However, they also played a lot of ranged monsters which meant that once I knocked out their first and second position monsters I had an advantage. As each monster moved into first position, its ranged attack became ineffective.

At the end of the day, I think that my team was effective because I had a lot of monsters that could attack from first position while also being able to deal damage before they moved into first position.

Analysis of Water Elemental
I purchased Water Elemental specifically for this match, and he cost over 1,000 DEC. For a new player that only earns about 3-4 DEC per match, it took me a long time to save up to get him, but I have to say that it was worth it.

water card.PNG

I like that he has a strong attack, good speed, and good health. On top of that, Water Elemental only costs 5 Mana to play, which makes it a great card IMO. The heal ability is an added bonus and isn't something I see a lot in ranged monsters. This would be especially valuable if the opponent played a team that had a lot of monsters with the "Sneak" or "Snipe" abilities.

As always, I like taking part in the challenges because they give me an excuse to purchase new cards and try different strategies. Even though its always fun to try new strategies, there are some monsters that I will try and then not really use much after the challenge. Thankfully, that isn't the case in this situation, and I'm impressed with Water Elemental and look forward to using it in future matches.

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