Face to face with the fearsome UNTAMEDs + Contest #3

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Hello friends, I was very happy with the amount of participation of people in my last post, just being able to chat with you already is worth the experiment.

Today I did the Death splint quest and thought it would be difficult as my summoner Zintar Mortalis is still only LVL 1.

Screenshot_2019-12-04 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

However, the presence of the spectacular Haunted Spirit card makes things a lot easier due to its regeneration ability, +2 damage, and a high hit point.

Also, with 3 ranged attack cards that also deal + 2 damage: Banshee, Twisted Jester and Spider, and sometimes with Cyclope coming into play, long-range damage proved brutal to the adversaries.

So it seemed to me that the Death splint is also one of the best in the beginning.

This time I faced several opponents with UNTAMED cards and was successful, especially in this battle of Life and Death against a 100% UNTAMED opponent:

@pedrocanella versus @gwardal

I entered the Bronze League II, with 7 cards in season and received a simple Rusty Android quest reward.

It's been a lot of fun, but my niece @marianaemilia is willing to give me some cards to get stronger and I'm wondering if I should accept. What do you think?

Please comment, and you will be running for 1 SBI in about 3 days!

Until tomorrow to the next quest!

Images: @steemmonsters and @contestkings




More cards wouldn't hurt. It might be confusing at first but would give you more choices.

Yes, I will end up accepting some, thanks for the help.

É claro que você deve aceitar as cartas. Quanto mais, melhor. Melhores equipes, melhores prêmios.

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Pois é, a intenção era ver até onde eu conseguia chegar sem ajuda, mas vou acabar aceitando algumas

I think taking extra cards as a gift will ruin the experiment. But then I suppose it depends on what the nature of the experiment is. I'm seeing what is possible with just the starter cards, no money to spend and no contacts in the game. So far it's very, very slow.

Yes, this is my fear, so I think I'll just take a few lvl 3 sumonners, 1 armorsmith and maybe + 1 strong card and that's all. Thanks for the help.

Help is never a bad thing. Maybe you can get the chance to pay it forward for someone else in the future. Who knows??

for you

Hey @pedrocanella, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!


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Thanks a lot !

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@pedrocanella, Good to see that you've came up with the Steemmonsters Battle Commentary. Stay blessed.

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Thanks !


Pick Me 👋


good luck

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good work !!

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very nice !

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Good Luck everyone

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