Starting my Splinterands experiment + Contest #2

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It was very easy to complete the mission with the Life deck and I entered the Bronze 2 league, reaching 5 reward cards this season.

Screenshot_2019-12-03 Splinterlands - Cofdfdfllect, Trade, Battle (1).png

My work was made easier because I have Tyrus LVL 2, a Silvershield Knight LVL 3 and a Feral Spirit lvl 3.

But I missed the first one duel, where I used Clay Golen as a tank, I was surprised because my opponent only had LVL 1 cards and I went to see what happened...

@pedrocanella versus @liucixin

Screenshot_2019-12-03 Splinterdsdsdsdlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

I realized your victory was thanks to the Pit Ogre Stun's ability.

Of course, your task was made easier by my tank being very slow too.

But I realize this can be a great tank in the novice and bronze league due to damage of 3 and for having this ability since LVL 1.

As a reward for the quest I received this monster:

Screenshot_2019-12-03 Splintdsdserlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Note: In every battle, I did not find any opponents using UNTAMED.

Now the 1 SBI winner for the last post:

Screenshot_2019-12-03 Steem Random Winner Picker.png

Congratulations @sharkmonsters!

Screenshot_2019-12-03  pedrocanella.png

Want to win 1 SBI? Just comment here on this post today or the next 2 days and you will be in the next draw.

Thanks, good luck, and see you later!

Images: @steemmonsters, @contestkings and steemify




Buy an armorsmith when you have some extra funds, he fixes armor and can help greatly in life splinter decks.

good idea ! Thanks


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Life deck is one of the strongest in beta edition. And armor smith is one of must-have card for play with it. But no need to buy, you can just rent it.

Cool ! or someone can donate me one! LOL

I thought your experiment was to use untamed cards. It will be much easier using beta I think. 😁

I was unsure what to do. I ended up with Betas for now. It's working. :D

Untamed will definitely going to change , you will surely find them with your opponent.

I am in for SBI.

yes, today I have faced them, but fortunately I have been successful!

Meu deck mais forte é o de Vida. Investir bastante nesse deck e é o que me faz chegar nas ligas mais altas. Agora é paciência pra fortalecer o segundo deck que ainda não sei qual investir.

Me disseram que o de Água também é muito bom no início, principalmente se você puder investir em um cartão chamado Ruler of the Seas, ele já começa com a habilidade blast no lvl 1 e faz um estrago devastador nos adversários, vais ganhar muitas batalhas apenas por tê-lo no seu time.

A few days ago I watched a player with level 1 life cards walk right through my level 5 3 and 2 dragon cards. It was merciless and brutal and all I could do was laugh at myself over the loss. That player had a good run on me that time. Hope they got a good laugh and smile outta their win.


In fact, sometimes the right card choice and strategy can be superior to the cards level, so the game is so fascinating.

Here for the SBI


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Thanks a lot !

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Pick Me 👋


very nice !

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good work!

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great job

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