Third day at Splinterlands + Contest #4

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Again I did the quest with the Death deck and once again my task was quite easy.

In some battles whose "No Healing" rule I used the Goblin Mech card in place of the Haunted Spirit and it proved very effective at this level of the bronze league.


Halfway again I lost a battle to the Fire splint, and once again due to my tank getting stunned after receiving a hit from the Pit Ogre.

Besides this, my strong point has been the arrows with Spider + Jester + Cyclope, but in this particular duel, archers were prohibited.

I got a Wood Nymph as a quest reward, a very interesting and important Earth splint card.

Screenshot_2019-12-05 Splintecxcxcrlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

So I haven't taken the cards I was offered yet, it would be 1 Armorsmith and some summoners that won't go beyond LVL 3, so I don't think it will spoil my experience.

But I'm still thinking about it, she also has a level 1 Ruler of the Seas card to rent me, but he's very strong, I know that with him on my team I will win many battles with eyes closed... And now? I'm tempted...


Want to win SBI? Just comment on this post and you will be competing within 3 days! To participate, you do not have to vote, share or follow me. Good luck to everyone.

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Good Luck

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Ruler of Sea is really strong in the lower leagues.
Kind of loses effectiveness in Diamond league, though.

O Ruler of the Seas é uma máquina! Ele não perde efetividade, só acontece isto se você ignorar a existência da Mermaid Healer.

I'm really struggling with my untamed only account. 😢

Ruler of seas is a fantastic card, best use of this card is to use in "target practice" where it deal damage to 3 cards in one go.

I just started and have found ‘Ruler Of The Seas’ to be quite useful


Ruler of the Seas is my favorit card ,allways as possible

for you

Hey @pedrocanella, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

@pedrocanella, This Commentary Series and Contest in the form of Collaborative essence looks good. Keep up the good work. Stay blessed.

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very nice !

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good work !

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Good Luck everyone

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