SHIN-LO FOR SALE - It hurts to say goodbye, but I want to grow my Steem account

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I want to grow my account, so a payment in part SBI and Part liquid Steem would benefit both of us!




This mysterious Dragon from the other side of the world speaks in a language that none of the Splinterlands Dragons can understand. Since arriving he has caused fights with Lightning Dragons, City Dragons, Burrowing Dragons and even the great Gold Dragon himself. To the Dragons of the Gloridax Shin-Lo is merely a nuisance, sneaking up behind them and taking cheap shots whenever he can.
Source: The Splinterlands Lore


This is the most valuable card I own, also the second most rare card in the game.

(only 119 in circulation)

However, as much as I love owning this card... I feel now is the time to try and capitalize on the low price of steem and grow my account, I believe in the future of steem and I hope you do also.

That being said, I would like to make this offer in a way that is not only appealing but will benefit both myself and the new owner of this card, and not just for now, the future also.


The cheapest card currently on the market is $110 USD.

The highest current bid sits at $75

(There are only 10 on the market with an average price of $199.29 )


The bid on Shin-Lo is actually higher than the bid on Archmage Arius (The rarest card)


Being such an expensive card, my proposal to make the card cheaper is a payment of part SBI, part Steem.


450 STEEM and 180 Steem Basic Income

By sponsoring me 180 Steem Basic Income shares, you will also receive 180 Steem Basic Income shares. Meaning you are really only paying 450 Steem for Shin-Lo. Which is roughly only the amount of the current highest bidder, and the total cost all in is still better value than the cheapest card on the market... Everybody is a winner.

A level 1 Shin-Lo is currently being rented out at an average price of 0.054USD, which is roughly $19.70 per year.
So, not only could you boost both of our Steem Basic Income Shares, you would be getting an extremely rare card below market value. While also inheriting the possibility of passive income through card rentals.


I would love to say this concept was my idea... but that would be a lie. @o07 from @contestkings has been running card offers like this almost daily in the Contest Kings discord group.

Just another reason why I am proud to be a member of the Contest Kings Guild, not only does staking your CK tokens give you entry tickets into the bi-weekly raffles, it also opens you up to all the amazing offers and gifts being awarded in discord. Plus we have the private Guild tournaments and their awesome prizes.

There is always something going on over in Contest Kings, and we are only just getting started 😉

1st October - 100 Prize Mega Raffle Breakdown


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Damn, Phil. That's a good offer. If its still on the table at the end of the month I'll take him off your hands.


Thanks, Matt.

Pleasure doing business with you, Philippe :)

for you

I'm torn between selling and keeping mine too. On my budget, the chance of levelling him up is slim, but it's nice to see him in my deck

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It was a tough decision, something I have been tossing up for a while, but while Steem is so low I'm thinking about my future plans... The reality is I can still enjoy the game without the card, but this will be a nice boost to my steem account.

It a gamble either way, and I will be sad to see it leave... But at this point in time, I think it is the smartest move for me personally.

That's a real collectors card, you might be kicking yourself this time next year!

Yeah, you are right. With only 119 in circulation when people start leveling more of them up the prices will go up also.

But with the current price of Steem, and my account only just reaching 500SP last week, I think this is the best move.

Back when we invested $300 USD I think we only got like 150 Steem. So for me, this is a massive boost. In a year, I may be kicking myself. But hopefully, the price of both Steem and the card go up together 😉

Wow, really 150 steem for 300usd the value has dropped so much.

PS. Thanks for helping me out in the discord chat btw.

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