Moving on up!

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So after several days of playing this game, I have not been able to put it down. Each day I can’t wait to try to move up the leaderboard. Well I can finally say I made it to Silver!!

It it has been quite a journey up and down but I did it! Excited that I will be receiving 12 cards at the end of season... as this will really help my deck out. I neeeeeeddd the cards! I am starting to feel comfortable with each of the cards and the different rules that change for each match. Before each battle I’m starting to catch myself trying to analyze who’s going to win before I hit play. As I have said before I am always open to tips and new ideas when it comes to battling. I’m sure I will struggle a bit up in silver league but I’m ready to tough it out and see what I can do!

For the the next couple days I’m going to try to open one booster pack a day for as long as I can afford it with crypto. In turn I hope to start leveling up cards or collecting the ones I don’t have before all the beta packs are gone! They are selling fast and once they are gone they are gone!

Lets see what tomorrow brings!

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How the fack did you make it to silver ALREADY?! I have NEVER touched silver and I've played for weeks longer than you, purchased a few boosters too.. I'm going to have to check out your collection on PeakMonsters.

Oh by the way,
I got a gift for you.. as long as you reply ;)

Haha idk I just got to 1225! Been having a lot of fun with this game. Got another post coming in a few hours!

Is you didn't guess already, all my strange questions and requests of you have just been my way to 'activity check' you LOL..

I should have just checked your wallet though, I see you are very invested into the game! Something I am so excited to see!!

Well then, you've passed my test.. I think you are a lifer.

Not sure if you heard about SBI shares, or @steembasicincome yet? They are another hot commodity of STEEM. You can't buy your way into the program, you need to be sponsored, same for increasing your shares.

Well, lucky you!

You are about to be sponsored! Took me a lot longer than you before I got my first SBI share!

Once I send in the transaction it may take a few hours for them to get back to you, but they will send you a transaction memo, welcoming you and linking you to the FAQ.. After that though, you no longer get notifications for subsequent sponsorship which increase your shares, however if you use Steempeak front-end and go to the wallet page of @steembasicincome, you can search it to find who mentioned your name in a memo.

I do suggest you use steempeak, as the Wallet page there will also show your amount of SBI shares and also your current upvote balance. More shares, the faster your upvote balance will grow. They are basically a community initiative which offers you upvotes for life. There is a lot more to it than I'm able to share here, while you wait for them to welcome you, check out some of @steembasicincome's previous posts to learn as much as you can -- besides Splinterlands, it's the next best investment you can do on STEEM.

Wow thank so much! I’m excited!