Great Luck on Today's Quest Rewards

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Greetings, everyone! Got some rare cards in my rewards tonight! These past few days since I've been in the gold ranks haven't exactly been grueling like most other seasons. Usually I hang out in the mid silver rank and if my daily quest is anything but the water splinter, my rank takes quite a beating. That's because my water summoner is the highest level out of all my summoners, level 3, and because I have some important cards levelled up like Ruler of the Seas and Sea Genie.
I'm saving up DEC to buy extra cards to level up my remaining summoner, Lyanna Natura. It's been hard because my summoners and the other cards I want to level up are Alpha edition. Only my Alric Stormbringer is Beta. I sold my Alpha version and went that route because it was cheaper buying all those cards to level him up.
Yesterday I got some good reward cards as well but I didn't share because I'm trying to keep my shitposts to a minimum.
Well, that's all the #splintertalk for today, folks!


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