Giveaway time! Card giveaway #1 | Win free splinterlands card!

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I had invested into splinterland's starter pack when it first came out but only started actually playing some 15 days ago and in those 15 days I've already reached silver 1. As a result I get more than 1 reward cards now so I thought I will start giving away one of them after every quest I complete.
So here we go, this is my first card giveaway and there's lots more of these to come in the future!

The cards I got in my previous quest are:
Screenshot (55).png

Disclaimer: The cards I choose to give away are fairly at my discretion. I may not give away a certain card for any reason. Please don't complain.

How to win?

  1. Just choose a card and comment below that you want that card.
  2. Comment your steemmonsters username.

That's all. No resteem/upvote required but if you do so it's highly appreciated.

This giveaway will last for around 20-35 hours or till my next giveaway post is up as it may take me too long to complete the quest. The winner will be announced on my next post.

I will use this tool to pick the winner.

If you don't play splinterlands, what are you waiting for? Click here to do so. I assure you this game is insanely fun!

Good luck to everyone!


mushroom seer for @gillianpearce please.


mushroom seer My SM user: @javiermurillo

Best of luck!

Best of luck!

Goblin Mech to @loganhate thank you very much for the giveaway, good luck to the winners

Best of luck!

Silvershield Archers :)

Best of luck!

mushroom seer
Username: elbiasto