Moving up the ranks

in #spt2 years ago

Screenshot (32).png

My goal for today was to reach 300 rating and I reached a high of 356 before dropping to 328.

Also, today I experienced games with rules other than the default rules which was pretty fun. At first I got confused as to what was going on. I'm still such a noob lol.

If you guys have some tips I'd love to hear it.

Hopefully, I'll reach bronze 1 before the season ends. I'd be happy with bronze 2 as well seeing that I'm fairly new to the game.

I also put up a buy order for 1200 spt. I'm just trying to increase my stake on splintertalk. I want to do the same on palnet but palcoin is quite expensive. I hope to reach around 10,000 in spt power in the next 10-15 days. That would be a good enough number to start earning some curation rewards.

Thank you for reading!


As time goes on, you will continue to climb up as high as even the gold level

Hope so lol. I've been having a losing streak after I reached around 500.