Splinterlands Free Card Giveaway # 2

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Welcome to my second card giveaway. I hit Gold 3 folks! And that too with just Earth, Water and Life at bronze level! So I thought a lot and went ahead and rented out almost max water and earth decks. My new goal is to at least reach diamond before this season ends. I might do a detailed post about the cards I rented. Would you like me to do that? Comment below

Anyways the cards I got in my previous quest are:

Screenshot (59).png

Disclaimer: The cards I choose to give away are fairly at my discretion. I may not give away a certain card for any reason. Please don't complain.

How to win?

  1. Just choose a card and comment below that you want that card.
  2. Comment your steemmonsters username.

That's all. No resteem/upvote required but if you do so it's highly appreciated.

This giveaway will last for around 20-35 hours or till my next giveaway post is up as it may take me too long to complete the quest. The winner will be announced on my next post.

I will use this tool to pick the winner.

Previous winner:

The winner of the previous giveaway is: @javiermurillo. Congratulations, you won the Mushroom Seer!
Screenshot (60).png

If you don't play splinterlands, what are you waiting for? Click here to do so. I assure you this game is insanely fun!

Good luck to everyone!



Silvershield Archer - @chekohler


Vampire, need one of those to bring it to 2 stars

Congrats for hitting gold 3 !


Congrats! I'm also going to hit Gold3 this season. Naga fire wizard for @stranger27 if I win :)
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Goodluck! I've already reached gold 1 now :p

Vampire please


Naga Fire Wizard for @javiermurillo please!


nagga fire wizard for @gillianpearce please


Nagga Fire, please


naga fire wizard for @dogcatcowpig please


I saw you even reached gold1, GG
I am in for the giveaway with @itharagaian account, I could get lucky, maybe ;)
I did not name a card, as for me, you may chose, a gift is always welcomed

You need to choose a card from the ones in the picture. Goodluck!

Naga Fire Wizard..would love it!

Sea Monster
Username: elbiasto