Splinterlands Free Card Giveaway # 3

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Welcome to my 3rd card giveaway. With the power of the newly rented cards, I managed to touch Gold 1 before dropping back to Gold 2. That's because I was trying to complete my daily quest which was water and some of my rented water cards still have a cooldown. Which is why it also took me quite a while to complete my quest. But I got 7 cards, one of which is Daria Dragonscale which is not for the giveaway folks. Its because I need it myself. The one I have is level 1. Sorry folks, but the rest are up for grabs. In that excitement I also forgot to take a screenshot.

Anyways the cards I got in my previous quest are:

Screenshot (62).png

The cards to choose from are:

  • Sea Genie
  • Vampire
  • Naga Fire Wizard(rare)
  • Undead Minotaur
  • Rusty Android
  • Goblin Mech

Disclaimer: The cards I choose to give away are fairly at my discretion. I may not give away a certain card for any reason. Please don't complain.

How to win?

  1. Just choose a card and comment below that you want that card.
  2. Comment your steemmonsters username.

That's all. No resteem/upvote required but if you do so it's highly appreciated.

This giveaway will last for around 20-35 hours or till my next giveaway post is up as it may take me too long to complete the quest. The winner will be announced on my next post.

I will use this tool to pick the winner.

Previous winner:

The winner of the previous giveaway is: @dogcatcowpig. Congratulations, you won the Naga Fire Wizard!
Screenshot (63).png

If you don't play splinterlands, what are you waiting for? Click here to do so. I assure you this game is insanely fun!

Good luck to everyone!



Card: Goblin Mech
Username: elbiasto


How do I start this game? Like how much do I need to start?

10$ for a starter pack but I could probably hook you up with a promo code. Using promo code means the starter cards will be virtual so you can't transfer them or sell them. DM me on discord if you're interested.
Use my ref link to sign up or you could just go to steemmonsters.com to do so.

Naga fire wizard