Splinterlands Free Card Giveaway # 4

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Welcome to my 4th card giveaway. Nothing much has happened yet as I haven't played much today. I am at Gold 1 at around 2650+ rating and I might hit diamond 3 tomorrow. I rented a few more cards and there's still some time to get some of my cards out of cooldown so I don't know if I can hit diamond 1 before this season ends. I hope I do.

Cards to choose from today:

Screenshot (64).png

Disclaimer: The cards I choose to give away are fairly at my discretion. I may not give away a certain card for any reason. Please don't complain.

How to win?

  1. Just choose a card and comment below that you want that card.
  2. Comment your steemmonsters username.

That's all. No resteem/upvote required but if you do so it's highly appreciated.

This giveaway will last for around 20-35 hours or till my next giveaway post is up as it may take me too long to complete the quest. The winner will be announced on my next post.

I will use this tool to pick the winner.

Previous winner:

The winner of the previous giveaway is: @che-shyr. Congratulations, you won the Naga Fire Wizard!

Screenshot (66).png

If you don't play splinterlands, what are you waiting for? Click here to do so. I assure you this game is insanely fun!

If you start playing using the above link, let me know and I will send some you some cards.

Good luck to everyone!



Best regards to the winning person @rahul.stan I couldn't make myself to play steemmonsters yet. :D

You should! Its so fun and you also make money on the side which is a definite plus!

Javelin Thrower

Best of luck!

Sea Monster
Username: elbiasto

Best of luck!

I'm in again, chosing Javelin

Sure, you can participate as many times as you want. Good luck!

¡Holisss! Elijo al sea monsters :D

Javelin Trower @rogercomedy

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How are you. I like your post, it's a good opportunity that you give us to win valuable letters. I choose to win: sea monster. A hug.

This giveaway is over. I have another one going on right now. Feel free to participate there.