Trying out splinterlands/steemmonsters again

in #spt2 years ago

Although I did buy in when the game had first launched, I didn't play much because I couldn't understand the game mechanics. I just thought the battles happens randomly. So I became disinterested quickly. As you can see below I still have the alpha edition cards.

Screenshot (29).png

Today I decided to give the game another try. I read the guide thoroughly and the faq too. Now that I understand how the game works, I've been playing for the last 90 minutes. I've got to say the game is really fun. I had underestimated this game for such a long time.

Completed a bunch of quests and got some cards which is pretty cool. These are the cards that I got. I got some of them as season rewards as I had reached bronze 3 with just random teams lol.

Screenshot (30).png

I bought some cards to understand the levelling mechanisms.

I also went ahead and bought some SPT tokens.

If you haven't started played I do recommend you to do so. I used to play hearthstone and gwent before so this game seems familiar. To play click here(ref link!)

Thank you for reading.