Splinterlands Rewards

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Found out I haven't posted about @steemmonsters @splinterlands for ages)
Today I made a quest @ Silver 1 League and recieved pretty good rewards:


It has the Scavenger ability and a nice health cap which makes this card pretty good TANK unit


Here's btw the ability and upgrade sheet, and as you can see from lvl6 Gelly Cube can heal itself)


Gonna try it out in a few battles with high mana cap, and will definitely hold it)

Seems that devs tried out to implement another Tank unit to the game as an alternative to the Lord A.


Or Peaceful Giant


That's how my morning started! Going for a morning coffee!

Here's link for the Splinterlands registration - https://steemmonsters.com?ref=rollie1212
Being my referral is cool BTW))
With any game questions you can ping me on Discord, so feel free!


Отличная карта. Поздравляю!

Спасибо 😉 не люблю играть в серебре. Долго очень выхожу в золото ((

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