Unicorn in splinterlands daily quest rewards

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Today I had the water splinter for my daily quest. I fought 15 battles before I finished my daily quest. I won 7 and lost 8. I took a 30 minute break while doing my quest. I had better luck with my battles after my break. I was surprised to find a legendary card while opening my daily quest rewards.
Today's quest reward theme is white.


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Grats on the legendary! I just started the game earlier this week. Seems like it takes me at least 15 games to get the daily done. Haven't picked up any special cards just yet. Since I started after the recent changes went live, I guess new players only get one card from the daily quest each day. And maybe a handful or less from each "season" according to your rank. I'm looking forward to the new cards coming out.

The amount of cards you get for your daily quest depends upon your ranking. I was lucky enough to be an early adopter so to speak and got some of the beta packs for quest rewards which helped increase the diversity in my deck.

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