Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 16 // Casanova Monster - The Great Hero of Splinterlands.

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This story tells the facts of how and why the future Splinterlands Great Hero Casanova Monster was conceived. It is a true story told by some monsters who asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons


The war in Splinterlands began hundreds of years ago. After the great cataclysm that hit the world at the time. What used to be kingdoms that lived peacefully together later became enemy kingdoms struggling to have absolute control over Splinterlands.

But there is a prophecy that says that at some point a hero will appear who will have the power to summon all splinters against the Great Enemy. Which will make the world saved from a terrible destiny that until now seems inevitable.

The continuous wars between the different Splinters resulted in an ancestral hatred between the different sides in contention. What has caused that each confrontation that is fought in the battlefields of Splinterlands are increasingly terrible.

Each Summoner is endowed with incredible powers that he transmits to the different monsters on his side to face and destroy the enemy fiercely.

But something very unexpected and almost unusual happened on the battlefields. While facing the Water Splinter against the Fire Splinter, it happened that two enemy monsters fell in love. Although it seems very unusual and incredible, Sea Genie of the Water Splinter fell in love with Naga Fire Wizard of the Fire Splinter.

Both monsters used their magic to be able to have love encounters without anyone noticing and without arousing suspicion. But the most unusual thing is that they managed to conceive a son whom they called Casanova Monster and who endowed with the ability to seduce and conquer the enemy monster that attacks and make that monster attack its companions

Casanova Monster is still a young monster and does not yet have enough skill in the use of the powers granted to him at birth but every day he grows and grows stronger. Sea Genie and Naga Fire Wizard have high hopes that their young monster will be the hero that will save Splinterlands from the Great Enemy in the future.

In the depths of the dark lair of Sea Genie at the foot of the Naka Peak, a thunderous noise is heard and powerful rays of fire and water come out of the cave. This happens when the parents of the young Casanova Monter are training him in the use of the powers granted to him by his parents.

No one has seen young Casanova Monsters yet. There is no image of him but it is said that he has a very powerful charm that attracts strongly and that when the enemy monsters see Casanova Monster, their will bends before the feet of the young Monster.

The combination of the Water and Fire Splinters of Casanova Monsters' parents resulted in powerful water vapor of very high temperature that is capable of melting the will of enemy monsters. With this powerful water vapor, the young monster will attack its enemies, seducing them with its charm.

We will have to wait shortly what will be the destiny of the kingdom of Splinterlands when it appears on the battlefields Casanova Monsters making use of these incredible powers.

What we can be sure of is that thereafter the Splinterlands kingdom will no longer be the same and maybe delivered forever from the Great Enemy.

Hooray for Casanova Monster...

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