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RE: State of the Splinterlands community + third party DEC update

in #sptlast year

"I understand $10 is meant to be the paywall for getting access to the reward pool, but how about maybe giving back to these players like $2 or $3 so they can actually buy some cards and get a taste for the game?
This could easily get implemented by setting up a fixed 25 DEC bonus for the first, say, 100 matches of every new account that has paid $10 to get started (so it doesn't include promo codes)."

Why not add one or two booster packs and to open this 5 or 10 mystery potions, so with luck the new player can found even a legendary and/or goldfoil card in his "starter package".


I think that doesn't add to the actual playing experience of a new player, just to the pack opening experience, which is less important (even if it is important) to an active player. But yes, that's also an option.

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