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RE: Battle Rule EARTHQUAKE can be challenging!: My Splinterlands Journey #9

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Other things to consider. It does two melee damage at the end of the round. Some armour will absorb that if it doesn't have flying, life splinter is good here, also consider monster that either self heal or shield. Shield will reduce the damage to only 1 per round, and self heal is powerful. Even putting a self heal melee is powerful in 2nd position if your goal is to out last. LORD A as a take with sea monster or flesh golem in 2nd can be really hard to beat before flying takes them out. If you don't have one, consider scavenger as a replacement, as others die, it gains life to offset the 2 damage
Good luck


D'oh! I was gonna say THE SAME THING! 😂😂😂🤣🤣

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Awesome suggestion. The rule set in the above battle was HEALED OUT/Earthquake, so I couldn't use cards that can heal damage to other monsters or self-heal. My first default was to use the Splinter with the most number of flying abilities, added those from the Neutral Splinter, then positioned them accordingly. The reason is: My card levels are all low, I though the best way to battle is to remove the possibility of being killed by the earthquake, so I can just focus on lining up the Monsters according to their abilities.
So much to learn!!!! Thanks for your input! I appreciate your comment, @senstless! Take care 🥰🌺🤙 !tip

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