Season Rewards for Gold III - 22 Cards of Gold and Epic-ness

in #sptlast year

Quick and Dirty Update - Just my Season Rewards

I need more time to compile the last 15 days of rewards, and determine if I will keep this going. I have not rented better cards or spent a dime of the STEEM I have earned in the past 4+ season. I feel a bit stuck honestly, and not sure what value I get from tracking it all, and blogging about it. No one wants to read it anyways - After 8 months, it might be time to pull the plug. Until then, here is what I got... Love these cards!


  • Gold Vampire
  • EPIC Divine Sorceress
  • EPIC Divine Sorceress
  • EPIC Manticore

Holy crap for 22 cards did that deliver $1.88 in those 4 cards. The rest push be towards $2.5 in just season rewards. While that might not sounds like a lot, it is 10 STEEM. It has never been easier to earn STEEM and build your influence



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