Starter Pack Experiment Status Update 28 | Daily & Season Rewards | Card Sales | League Status | Season Updates

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**# Starter Pack Experiment Status Update 28 | Daily Rewards | Card Sales | League Status |
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This project is to see what is possible from a starter deck only, with no investment other that what is earned in game. The project was started on 1/9/2019 and is still running strong.

Recap of prior season ending


  • Season Status: Gold 3 - the end of the season keeps sneaking up on me
  • DEC Balance: ~0 I think I cleared it out
  • Potions/Orbs: 1 - finally got my first

Daily Rewards from last season 57 cards

Highlights - High value cards

  • Gold Foil Creeping Ooze
  • Epic Phantom Solider

I knew a fall back to earth was due after the prior season full of Epics and Golds. This wasn't bad, just not very moving! I also took longer to hit Gold, and had a dozen less cards this season.


Season Rewards from 7/15/2019: 22 Cards

Highlights - High value cards ~ None ~


I will take the Rare cards, and I guess they all have value but man, the Daily rewards and DEC are way more important to me than the season ending rewards.

Life Time Deck Hit Rate

Looks like I am tracking right on target and can't wait to catch up on Gold!!! As I get more and more cards, these could pull even closer to the averages. So far so good!


Sold Cards | 0 STEEM | 0 SBD

I did not sell. The price of STEEM plus lack of direction. I want to look into leasing, and will see what I can get for possibly 2 Summoners. My only concern is to overplay my other Splinter and not get a few dailys in.

Purchased Cards 0

Like I mentioned above, I feel a bit lost... but I have a war chest of STEEM

DEC - Sales

I sold 10k in DEC for 28.44 STEEM, this has added to a crazy pile of STEEM I can't seem to decide what to buy. Do I pull Death up to the same level, or start making the push for Earth and Water to go to level 5 summoners!


I finally bought my first ORB! Not too bad, although I may just buy the cards going forward with STEEM.

Lifetime Total Bought/Sold and Balances

  • #Cards Sold:628 (back out SBD and DEC exchanges)
  • STEEM Balance: 47.716 (Missed a DEC exchange last season)
  • SBD Balance: .676
  • DEC Balance ~0


Total Award Cards

  • Cards 938
  • Legendary 9
  • Gold Foils 16



DEC is giving me a ton of STEEM. Only problem is cracking more growth. I need to figure out the rental market, but I when i have looked there is not much out there outside of Max. I need to find a way to keep moving up, and I might just have to buy a few summoners. I hate spending so much STEEM since prices just keep falling, but if I stand still, I will get passed and not even make GOLD soon. I need to get level 5 summoners and then work on the BETA cards to help.

If you want me to write something about playing from a starter deck let me know.

If you know someone new to SM / Splinterlands feel free to show them this series to show what you can do over time to a deck if you focus on it.

This give me a deck with a value of around $100... plus over 40 STEEM liquid Not bad for a $10 investment and 6 months worth of grinding. The best part is as I play, it will just keep going up for now!

Check out my primary account @senstless progress - constant investment and hoping for glory!!

Want to get in the game - join via my link!

Monster On!

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