Steemmonsters Season Rewards... I Got Lucky!

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Yesterday, another Steemmonsters season ended. I got pretty lucky opening my reward cards. Would the potions really work, after all?

The @steemmonsters (now @splinterlands) season ended today and everyone received his bonus reward cards. I got lucky and pulled no less than 6 valuable legendary cards from one account.

This was more than I could ever dream about....

Champion 1

This season, I managed to reach Champion 1 a day before it ended. Last season I had been giving it all I had to get back into that top 50 - without any luck. This time, I knew better. I kept going back and forth between rank 63 and 68, so I settled for that.

Although I still had my doubts about the potions, and whether they were worth that huge amount of DEC (see this post), I decided to not take my chances and buy them anyway before I would receive my season reward cards.


Blown Away

Reaching Champion 1 entitled me to 150 reward cards.
When I started opening them, nothing special popped up. Some commons, some rares... nothing special, really.

However, the 16th card I turned was a Ruler Of The Seas, the 19th a Sacred Unicorn. I already felt fulfilled.

Imagine my surprise when only a couple of cards later, another Sacred Unicorn popped up, almost instantly followed by a Black Dragon...

More commons and rares followed, sometimes an epic card appeared, and I had already accepted the fact that that would be it.

Until I turned another Ruler Of The Seas ánd another Black Dragon.

I pulled no less than 6 legendaries!!



But t wasn't over yet.

With my other account, I managed to reach my highest score ever, and ended up in Diamond 1.
60 more reward cards to open. Without potions this time.

It's hard to imagine, but in those set of 60 cards, I found another Black Dragon and another Ruler Of The Seas...

I had never expected to get no less than 8 legendaries...

Sacred unicorn x2

Ruler Of The Seas x3

Black Dragon x3

Add a couple of common and rare gold foil cards to that pile, and I think it's safe to say I ended the season rather successfully :0)

Up To The Next!!!

How did your season end? Got any good cards?


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Hi @simplymike, as an existing MAPX token stakeholder, you just received an upvote and also reminding you that Tokenomix Contest Round 3 has started, where you can win some more tokens. Anybody can take part but will require a minimum of 1 MAPX token staked. Good luck and please let me know if you like the questions set. Thanks!

Thanks. I spent more than an hour trying to find the answer for round number 2, lol. Didn't find it. Will try again for round 3

Congratulations it looks like you caught your lucky. Unfortunately I still didn't recieve any unicorn. Maybe at this season I'll be more lucky...

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I really love the card. It's like the mean version of 'my little pony', lol. I even tried playing Life after I got my first one. But that didn't last long, haha.

Too bad I only see this now. I've already sold them. If I had known, I could have delegated one to you...

I got complete trash cards, but it's fine.
Next season maybe better luck.

I got complete trash
Cards, but it's fine. Next season
Maybe better luck.

                 - tsnaks

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I get trash cards all the time. This was nice for a change :0)

And I only got 1 legend from 150... :(

I've had so many sets of reward cards that had no legendary in it... probably saved up all my luck for this one, lol

Congratulations ... this is the best season rewards I ever read from your post😉 that's amazing... No wonder I got all thrash in my 30 cards😂😂😂 but still.. I love what I got (without potions)

So happy for you😉 6 out of 150 and 8 out of 60.. that's really cool

I was thinking the same when I noticed everyone in TP Discord mentioned crappy cards. They were all sent my way 😂

Have you checked on @alphamonster 😉 i didn't play with it so much last season, but the result is better than any level 1 decks I play😊

I checked it some time last week, because I was thinking maybe it would be worth more if I sold it. I saw you had played a couple of games, though.
Wanted to ask you before, but it slipped my mind.

It's up to you. if you want to keep playing it, I will keep it in place. If you don't, I will empty the account.

There's indeed quite a lot of DEC and a lot of reward cards in there.
I suggest you take 75% of the DEC, I take 25%
About the reward cards, I'd like to do a 50/50 - unless you want to keep playing the account and want to keep the reward cards in it.

You're the pro when it comes to delegated decks, so just let me know what you think 😉

Well.. I'll keep playing .. Thank you😍 I love alpha deck😊 you don't need the cards and you have many cards to sell.. but not the alphamonster 😉 who knows one day it will worth for $500 ... imho, let's keep the cards and DEC in there for one more season😊 I'll play it for fun as always.

Wow! Congratulations to you. I guess the gods of steemmonsters decided to favour their mother (monstermother) Lol

For me, the hype of it all is that I had no Gold Foil or Legendary card.

Still, I'm not sure to say I got bad cards since it was only 18 cards.

I got 3 Epics, 2 Rares and 13 commons filled with one fat dwarf guy 😂

3 epics out of 18 cards doesn't sound like such a bad deal. Aah, the fat dwarf guy... i still haven't decided whether I like him or i hate him, lol

I thought as much . . . though I would've been satisfied (like you) if I got at least one rare Gold Foil or a Legendary card 😉

Not sure if I like or hate that guy either. Him and his dwarf brother who loves folding him arm (Sea Genie) just keep loving me. There's never a day I don't get either of them and they're on their own at a far of level from every other card I have 😂

Lol. I'm 1 card away from macing the Dwarf. A couple of weeks ago, all i seem to get were Dwarfs, but they don't come as often anymore.
Sea Genies... I can't even count how many I got (and still get) every time, and the truth is: I never even use the card 😂

Congrats. I Think I had "once in a lifetime" this time. My small account that was rewarded with 5 cards. But what a card!

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Wow, I would trade all my 200 cards to get one of those!!!

Wow congratulations.
Here I am sharing the cards I pulled.

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