[WINNERS' ANNOUNCEMENT] Free Gold Foil Promo Card Delegation

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4 days ago, I published a contest in which you could win a free delegation of a gold foil promo card for the entire length of the Steemmonsters season. Time to announce the winners!

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Why Gold Foil Promo Cards?

It' simple, in ranked play, you can accumulate a lot more DEC if you play either gold foil or promo cards. Playing the combination of both, gold foil promo cards is even more rewarding.

Since I was stupid enough to burn almost all my gold foil cards when DEC during the DEC-craze, and the level of my deck is too high for these guys to be useful, I decided I could just as well make 2 people happyt by delegating them for the entire ongoing season.


The Contest

Entering the contest was easy. All you needed to do was leave a comment in which you told me which of the cards you would prefer, ánd tag a felllow Steemmonsters player.

They don't come any easier than that.

However, you could increase your chances on winning by upvoting and/or resteeming the contest post. These actions would each give you 1 extra entry in the draw.

There weren't as many participants as I had expected, but that was good news for you. The less participants, the bigger your chances on winning.

Participants who preferred the Derwyn Dragonscale card:


Participants who preferred the Armorsmith card:


I was happy to see both cards were equally popular. :0)


The Winners

I won't take up more of your precious time and go over to the announcement of the participants who will receive a delegation of either Delwyn Dragonscale or the Armorsmith for the entire length of this season.



The cards have been delegated to your accounts. I hope you'll be able to make the most out of it!

Please note: the delegations will be retracted when the current season ends.


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Thanks a lot! Very interesting to try it with black dragon and probably water splinter.... maybe killing combination. Of course if there is no Lord at first enemy line ;)

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I must admit I haven't played it a lot yet, so I wouldn't know 😉

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Oh wow Mikey is a steem monsters pro :)

I wish... 😂🤣

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Hy @simplymike,
How are you doing, I just stumbled into this post seconds ago, and I must confess that I feel so bad that such competition went right under my nose and I'm not aware of it till now that it has finish. Well I guess that that is one of the disadvantage of beginners and armatures on the blockchain. Please I am really hungry to improve and grow fast too. Hence, any other time there's such promo, please do well to send me a link cos I would love to participate next time.
Hope it is not too much to ask for.

Please can I twit you? My twitter handle is voclab1 and my telegraph contact is that number I share days ago.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Do have a blessed day and a Happy Sunday to ya.

My twitter account (@aluneed2succee) is working completely automated. I barely visit Twitter.
I did find a voclab on Discord. Just send a DM asking if it was you...

Yeah, it was me, I just got a notification of your DM via my email. I have to say that it's really great that I could finally meet and chat you up there. The only restriction is that MY other lappy is stationed at home to be used when am home. Hence I would prefer the alternative @aluneed2succee

I have the Discord app installed on my phone...
Thing is that I open my Twitter account maybe once a week (or even less). But I'll try to remember to open it more often and check DM's (I'll try, can't make no promises on that, since 'chaos' is my middle name, lol. I have absolutely no structure and a very bad memory, but I'll try my best)