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RE: This Could Be My Best Reward Ever: Oh My!

in #sptlast year

I got a Gold Javelin Thrower too as my EOS rewards, the card is about to go out of print, I'll be holding on to mine as I only level up Common Golds.. Rare ones tend to be expensive.

Divine Sorceress is also almost OOP, I need a couple more of them to get mine at Level 5.


Oh so if the Gold Javelin Thrower runs out of production, does it mean it becomes a stored value?

I have a regular Javeline thrower; maybe I should concentrate on levelling this one up to the max instead as my journey here continues?

By the way, thank you so much for your mention. I am glad you like my niche writing. 😁

I love your style! Javelin Thrower is either OOP or almost OOP (Out of Print).

I don't have the stats link as I'm at work but will send it to you. It details how many are out there and the percentage that have been produced for ALL reward cards.

In time it's value will increase as no more are being given out. As for regular or Gold, that's your choice. If your playing in the Silver league, level 4 would be better.

it may be costly to upgrade a card that's both rare and OOP.

oh gosh! All my summoners except Fire Summoners (and one is kindly lend me) are at level 2 🙈
But I think I'll invest on the regular ones to level up should I want to battle.... gold I might just keep aside for stored value if possible....

The Untamed Summoners are cheaper and in some cases equal to the Beta's. Look for the ones with positive attributes, eg.. Fire has +1 Speed.

Yes. I have acquired the Fire Summoner. The rest I think are all (-) values I might look into Life as well, but she is expensive.